Why you Should Give up Smoking

Save yourself some lifespan

Any contact with tobacco is extremely harmful and dangerous and increases your chances of getting cancer and other diseases as well. Cigarettes include several chemicals including nicotine which is highly addictive in nature and which can lead one person to smoke regularly. When you smoke you get exposed to chemicals like hydrogen cynacide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Smoking comes with many dangers, not smoking or quitting smoking can eventually protect you from the side effects of smoking.

Save people around you

When you smoke you not only put yourself at stake but also the people around you. Through the process of second hand smoking or passive smoking you introduce others to your bad habit. Places like clubs and pubs are a great example where you can find passive smoking at the worst. The impact of passive smoking is equivalent to directly smoking. So if you smoke around someone you’re not only harming yourself but even them and if you smoke at home around your family now you know what you’re doing!


Smoking can certainly lead to premature- aging. The smokers are more likely to have more wrinkles, damaged skin and paleness compared to the people of their age who do not smoke. You can easily tell a smoker from non- smokers of the same age group. Smoking also stains teeth. Smoking even one cigarette can actually restrict your blood flow for around an hour so imagine what happens when one smokes a couple of cigarettes at a time.

Better smell

Smoking can lead a person to smell like tobacco. The smell of tobacco is very strong and stay on your for a while. To get rid of this smell you need to shower even in the company of the smokers you can catch this smell, as it is smoke and can get anywhere in your clothes and hair.

Sexual problem amongst men and women both

Smoking has an impact on both men and women. In men it creates problems in fertility and in women it leads to complicated pregnancies. Smoking can harm the sperms in men and ovaries in women. Smoking comes with too many dangers at the time of pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant can lead to miscarriage, bleeding, premature birth etc. Smoking at the time of pregnancy can also to lead to future problems where the baby could get health problems in future.

Risking your family

You not only put your family at risk by smoking around them but also you’re putting their long term security at stake. As we all know smoking can reduce your life span or puts you at a higher chance of getting any disease. This will eventually put your family’s future also at risk.


Smoking is injurious to health and we must avoid it at all cost. The company of a smoker must be completely avoided as well because you do what you tend to see. Smoking has too many ill effects and must be avoided altogether.

How the Tobacco Industry has Encouraged Smoking

The tobacco industry has been in the game for a while and they know their tricks and techniques of promoting their brands in the market amongst the youngsters. Their main target is kids that will go on to become the next generation of smokers. First they casually smoke and then later go on to become chain smokers.

Products that are fruit flavoured

Even though it is prohibited to use different flavours in cigarettes they are still used in e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. Chocolate, blueberry, apple, vanilla etc are the flavours used.

Using Celebrities to promote their brand

Celebrities have a huge impact on people who like them. Kids in general tend to get influenced by celebrities a lot and do whatever they see them doing. So it’s a very smart move used by tobacco companies to get people influenced.

Fake claims

All the tobacco companies since the day one have come up with less harmful or alternative of cigarettes which are extremely misleading as no tobacco is less harmful. In the last 50 years the risk of people dying has increased and also most people have come under the trap of less harmful tobacco.

Low cost

The prices at which the cigarettes are being sold are pretty reasonable and also not only that they are also being sold at per cigarette price which is extremely low and can be afforded by teenagers. Although it is harmful they are being bold at every corner of the lane also at a cheap price.

Magazine ads

These big companies put ads in the magazines that are famous amongst kids the more children see such ads they are more likely to end up smoking.

Getting their product featured in movies and on tv

Even though it is ethically bad and cruel but this has been around and will be there for don’t know how long but tobacco is showcased in cartoons or in movies they have introduced us to tobacco at a very young age which somehow subconsciously impacts us. Through this we are made to believe that smoking is cool and justified.

Promotions are at the peak

 They never fail to promote smoking. Even though the box itself says smoking kills it still promotes the cause and never one has stopped smoking after reading that. Even though caution says smoking cause’s cancer still the use of it is constantly portrayed. They never fail to put banners. You will find banners everywhere. It is right in front on of your eyes.


The main target of the tobacco companies are not adults but kids in fact. These kids will go on to become smokers ahead in life they are just making their futures customers ready also it is very easy to influence a child than anyone else and what get fixed in your head at a early stage in life stays with you forever nevertheless the addictive nature of nicotine keeps hold of the customers at all cost.